Monday, August 29, 2011

After the storm

My eyes have been opened. And I don't think I like what I see. Its funny how the most difficult of times bring about clarity. I tend to care too much for others and think of others feelings. And its upsetting when that empathy is not returned.  If I can't depend on someone when times are tough..what good are they to me? People should be more thoughtful and caring.

Especially during natural disaster. I could never imagine not offering my food, my home and my comfort to those I claim to love. Maybe I was raised differently, but my mother always showed she cared with what little she had to offer.  Times like this make me question every opinion I had of those I hold near and dear. 

Thank God for those who care.  This time has taught me to prepare and be kind and even more generous of myself.  You never know when you could be the one in need.  My heart has been heavy the past day or so..and I have to come out of this gloom and thank the Lord for keeping me. For keeping my home.  For allowing me to escape harm.  Sometimes we have breakdowns and sometimes we have breakthroughs!