Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More Christmas Decor!

          The holidays are in full swing!  Its time to decorate your home and tree if you haven't done so already.

Do you have a theme or color scheme to decorate your home for Christmas?  
I typically find gorgeous and beautifully colored ornaments from a variety of stores.  I've collected quite many of them over the years and can't bear to part with some.  

I peruse the aisles of Target, Pier 1, Michaels and other stores to get the right color combo for my tree each year.  I consider myself to be a girly girl and my tree colors usually incorporate pinks, purples, turquoise, lime green and silver. 

Since this year is my son's last official Christmas at home I promised he could choose the colors and he decided on royal blue and gold.  I'm cool with that..except I decided to sprinkle some silver in the mix.  While I was out doing a little shopping on Sunday I picked up a few items at Michaels 50% Christmas decor sale.  The items pictured below cost me less than $20.  Because they were on sale already I didn't use a coupon.  

The first box is the exact color that I was looking for.  Then I saw the gold ornaments that reminded me of cupcakes, looking at them now,,,they sort of look like acorns. ..hahaha.  Either way, they're pretty darn cute!  Then I ran across the beads that I love and I have them in turquoise from previous years.  I will either find more ornaments in this same shade of blue or go with a variety of blues.  

Let's see how my decor progresses as I shop around at my favorite stores.  I found a Michaels gift card on my dresser that I plan to use for a few more items while their sale lasts.  It's not a big haul..but they were pretty good finds on my first trip out for decorations this year.