Monday, March 19, 2012

Ships..mend or rot?

Ships...In my experience, they're sometimes easy to build and even more difficult to keep up.

Friendships, relationships each require work and compromise to benefit all involved.
Some of them develop and are maintained effortlessly.  But other relationships are like flowers, in order for them to grow we need to water them.  We are so happy when things are great..but what about when things aren't so great and all hell breaks loose?  Are you gonna let that ship sink like the Titanic?  Or will you put in some effort to patch it back up and sail?

Friendships and relationships aren't always equal..There always seems to be a person who is always supportive to the other and never gets that support back in return.  Its sad when all parties are not considerate of each others feelings and make necessary adjustments to meet someone on their level.

Some people really aren't equipped with those qualities needed for lasting and great friendships or relationships.  Some lack compassion, empathy, sympathy, and tact amongst other things.  It always makes me wonder how other people's relationships have worked and what obstacles they've overcome.

It can be cumbersome to always be that reliable person.  It can be draining and very unrewarding if you are the one who is expected to be the "better" or more mature person.

As we get older, our priorities change.  But you must never forget those who were there to comfort you, cheer for you, cry with you.  Sometimes you can make a person feel so unappreciated that one day you realize that they're over you.

Friends come few and far in between.  Relationships, a great relationship comes once in a lifetime.

Be mindful of the relationships and friendships you value and want to maintain.

What will you do to keep that special person in your life?  Will you offer them respect, consideration, love and appreciation? Or will you let your selfishness, carelessness or flakiness allow that ship to rot away?