Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun weekend finds

all items were purchased on sale.  trying to stay on a budget.  I did pretty good I think.  No major designer brands.  All were local and practical for my lifestyle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Has text messaging ruined our generation's ability to effectively communicate?

What do you do when you text someone and they don't respond back for hours?  How about those texts that just seem to get lost and you don't even get a response?

I have to admit that I am guilty of both.  Most of the time its non-intentional.

Do you think its rude?  I kinda do, especially if its an open-ended question.  But on the other hand, with so much going on in a day, its understandable to forget to reply.

Or are you one of those people that don't really prefer to text so if that person wants a response from you they will just have to pick up the phone and call..old school style?

I have a really bad habit of texting because something may pop into my head at a time when I am unable to hold a real-live conversation.  I honestly prefer phone calls. They are so much more personal and cuts out any confusion.  And it feels awesome to hear a human voice after emailing and instant messaging most of the work day.  I am trying to understand what makes communicating with co-workers, friends and family so complicated these days.

Texting allows tone, intention and urgency to be misconstrued.  If its super important, I guess you better pick up that phone or else you will be waiting for it.

I have developed a pet peeve for text talking or rather using teen text lingo.  I get irritated when I see an adult constantly using teen text lingo on social networking sites.  I can understand a time or two when you are being sarcastic etc.  But what is going to happen to the English language after all this?  Will the youth even know how to spell real words? Will the adults forget and start spelling and talking like teenagers?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog Review of Regine's Book: A Teen Girl's Last Words

Wow.  That's the first word that comes to mind.  Cancer sucks!  It sucks even more when children get cancer.

I feel like I knew Regine.  What an intelligent, courageous, strong young woman!  This story of her battle with MDS/AML was so transparent and real and raw.  She was so honest about her disease and the struggles she encountered daily. She was optimistic when most people would not have been. Instead of focusing on how much she was suffering she often thought about her family and friends and how they would deal when her fight was over.

As a mother, I sympathize with the pain her mother endured watching her daughter become ill and realizing that she wouldn't experience so many events because of the crippling disease.

Regine wrote in one of her posts about fear and being scared because we don't know what it means to not exist.  I think we all can identify with that statement.  After enduring several months of chemo and hearing the news of needing a bone marrow transplant she knew that she was no longer in control.

She wasn't able to do a lot, but boy did she make the most of her time left.  She wrote with such passion and humor when most would not even find a reason to smile.  She had spunk and was so smart to learn so much about her diagnosis.

This was an amazing account of a young life, who had so much to offer the world. Regine found joy in the simple things. She loved nature and expressed her creativity through her writing and paintings.  I enjoyed reading her poems and the pictures she took that were distributed throughout the book.

I think I may have cried off and on while reading the entire way. But how could one not?  I am an admitted cry baby. I don't know one teenager who could muster such bravery to reveal to the world her insecurities and fears and still find something to smile about while feeling such physical pain not to mention the emotional toll the disease took on her psyche.

This book is an inspiration and offers so much hope to the youth.  Her blog puts so many things in perspective from a teenagers point of view.  All she wanted to do was live.

I believe Regine's motto would have been live for today for tomorrow is not promised.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't Lose your Peace..

Sometimes the world in which we live can seem like such a crazy messed up place.  Its very important to find solace and keep your own peace to not be sucked into all the negativity and bad things that we see each day.  My peace is a good, well written book.  If I choose something in the fiction genre, I tend to go for the latest James Patterson novel.  It keeps me engaged and wanting to carry the book everywhere I go.  I find it harder to focus on my reading because of the many distractions in my daily life.  But I have to remind myself to carve out a little "me" time to relax and de-socialize for just a little bit.

I think back to what I did with my time before the social media craze.  No FaceBook, no Instagram, no Twitter and not too much email.  I read.  I read all day long and sometimes would not dart my door. Especially in the winter months.  This was my stress reliever.  My detox from a rough day at work or stressful relationships (family, friends etc).  I could easily pick up several books from the library and just cut the world off.  I kinda miss those days. And I find myself needing to retreat back to some of those old habits to maintain.  Its very easy to get caught up and lose your sense of solace.

More recently I am interested in self-help and inspirational books.  I love affirmations and positive reinforcements to motivate me and help keep me focused on what I should be doing.  I'm also reading the Bible more and following up on subjects from the sermon at church.  Reading balances me out. When I need some action or suspense Mr. Patterson is my man..but when I need to mellow out and focus The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer help to keep me centered.

What are you reading?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes Blog Review

You ever wonder what it would have been like to date a famous figure from way back when?

Well, wonder no more!!

In this new book, Kelly Murphy & Hallie Fryd gives you a glimpse of many figures who made our hearts skip a beat and peaked our curiousity to say the least.  Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes spares you from the lack of technology and modern fashion by giving you a taste of the love lives of Cleopatra, Frederick Douglass and Josephine Baker to name a few.

I found Kelly's take on the achievements of these artists, actors, actresses, literary and political geniuses quite refreshing. If I had ever decided that history was boring, I've changed my mind.  I found delight in their mishaps as well as their accomplishments.  These figures seem to most of us present day folks as otherworldly and sometimes larger than life.  The author's take on these individuals gives us a viewpoint that they were human nonetheless, but they marched to the beat of their own drums.

I fell in love with the courage and bravery of Josephine Baker back when the movie depicting her life was released.  
She was beautiful, talented and worldly.  Until reading, who knew of her colorful love life?..and no, I'm not talking about her adopted children the Rainbow Tribe. I knew that she loved France and France treated her with love in return, but did they approve of her fancy cheetah in tow? She was a trendsetter alright! Chiquita donned a diamond collar back when other pets weren't.

My love for iconic gangsters definitely drew me into Bugsy Siegel.  I've seen many a movies about this notorious guy.  He had smarts and swagger, but he used it for evil.  Talk about criminal minds.  But you can't deny his mark on the film industry and the stories it inspired.  This mafia boss had friends in high and low places and wreaked havoc all across the U.S., but even more so in Vegas.

A woman after my own heart, Dorothy Parker.  She is what I aspire to be for the most part, minus being a regular at a brothel and the death part.  She was smart, witty and made a name for herself in the Big City.  Who wouldn't love to write for The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair?  Parker was fashionable and quite a looker, but very unlucky in love.  I guess all the socializing and power didn't bid her too well in the end. But hey, this woman had charm and fame.  A sense of humor like hers made you wonder if you loved her or hated her!

Overall I enjoyed the 50 Timeless Crushes. It was an entertaining yet informative read.  Its a must read to find some things you never knew about people you have definitely heard of!

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Born and raised among the sprawling cornfields of rural Pennsylvania, Kelly Murphy now writes from her child-sized apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Her articles have appeared in Brokelyn, Brooklyn BasedChic Today, NCTE’s The Council Chronicle, and various other publications. A Penn State graduate, Kelly currently works in publishing. Hallie Fryd is the author of Scandalous!: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (So You Can Impress Your Friends), which was a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Winner in 2012. 
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