Thursday, February 23, 2012

When does it get old?

I have to ask this question..when does IT get old?

IT meaning drama..
IT meaning unhappiness..
IT meaning tired of being tired..

Really, when does IT get old?

For me, IT got old several years ago.  I was in a place, where I was drained and unhappy and didn't feel the best about ME.  I let someone else and something become more important than ME.  One day, I woke up with a different focus and a realization that things had to change for the better.  I had been talking about making this change for a long time, but was too scared of what it would mean when I actually did it.  I decided then that I would no longer set aside my happiness just for the sake of being with someone.  I would no longer accept anything less than what I deserved and what I felt I needed in my life deep down.  

Since that day, I set some specific goals for myself.  I set some rules for my dating/personal life as well as any other relationship with friends (male or female) and family.  If it does not enhance my life, assist in my growth, or make me smile..I don't want any parts of it.  It may sound a little selfish, but I honestly feel that way.  I know each and every day won't be sunshine and rainbows..but that won't stop me from striving for it.  

Throughout speaking with associates, friends, and social networking I read so often of the craziness that people have going in their lives..why is this a constant in your life?  Why do people wait until things are at their worst to try and resolve a situation?  Why do we continue to repeat what we know won't work and hasn't worked for us thus far? I can't even fathom experiencing some of the things that people put up with and deal with on a daily basis.  Drama has become the norm for some..seems crazy to me..but its true.  Not everyone may understand me..but a whole lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Each and every day we are reminded that life is so short and why are we not taking advantage of it?

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