Thursday, April 21, 2011

What in the world is going on???

I logged onto Facebook earlier today and saw a link to a news story about two 14 yr old girls who committed suicide at a sleepover.  How sad I was to hear of such news.  What is going on with the youth today?  I've encountered a very small number of incidents where I was the butt of a joke or someone voiced their dislike of my appearance.  But I never wanted to take my own life because of the way those hurtful things made me feel.  I had to ask myself, had I addressed those types of behaviors with my own soon to be teenager.  I recall a time I had to speak with my son a few years ago when he was being taunted by some girls in his classroom.  I reminded my child that no matter what other people say, he comes from me..he is important to me and that he is beautiful inside and OUT to me.  I can't imagine what was going through the young girls' head to actually go through with the act.  And how cruel are those who made them feel that way?? How do they feel now knowing what their words and actions have caused?  My prayers go out to the family and friends of these girls.  As parent's we must stay involved, ask questions, snoop if we must to know what our children are going through day in and day out.  The bullies themselves have low self esteem and issues within..their parents need to get help for them also.  This has to stop..

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