Friday, June 10, 2011

Neither hair nor there..

Every year around this time, I become obsessed with what to do to my hair.  I have generally nice hair. Its not long, probably from too much processing.  Its not super short, otherwise I wouldnt be able to maintain it.  I like my hair at neck/shoulder length.  And I tend to wear it in a straight wrap or roller set.  I love my roller sets, but despise sitting under the dryer. 

Last year, I was into wigs and sew-ins and it really made my life easier.  But at the end of the summer, I had a patch of hair missing.  Not exactly sure how that happened.  So I got over the sew-in really quickly.  I chose to start fresh on New Years Day and left the weave in 2010.  Now I miss it!!

I have been taunted with seeing so many people going natural and loving it.  Unfortunately, I wait until the summer to start trying the natural thing.  I always end up here.  So...I am going to try and stick with the no relaxers (maybe just a edge up).   Jill Scott definitely has had a few styles that I have loved over the years.  This one being my all time fave!
I need a little more length on the sides and front to pull this off.  Anyhoo, I love that as a black female I have so many hairstyle options.  But it can become stressful and costly.  I used to be a braids girl and would easily drop $250.  I tend to be a little more frugal these days. 

I also love color.  Streaked, tipped etc.  But bleaching can be brutal on your hair, especially if you don't condition it.  I generally stick with reds, burgundy's and any shade of brown.  We could talk all day about this hair thing..I mean really what girl doesn't obsess over her hair???

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