Sunday, June 12, 2016

Shoe Fix

What are you wearing this Summer?

I'm a bit of a social media hawk in regards to online boutiques.  I am very well aware of the trends, but not necessarily purchasing all or many of them because they may just not be my style.

One of the many stores that I visit each season and love their clearance and coupons is DSW.  They have a wide array of shoes and accessories.  I rarely go in there and not find something to purchase. While I type this and edit myself in my head-that may be a problem..

I also love the styles on  I am very tempted to sign up.

The key to a good seasonal shoe for me is great stitching, a sturdy heel and a color that pops.  I live for floral fabrics and bows on sandals.  I also make sure to find a good everyday brown and black pair of flops or sandals.

Who are your faves?

I have another fave that I will mention next week. Come back and see may already be following them!

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