Monday, November 9, 2015

Are you in charge of Thanksgiving dinner?

Yes, its true..if you're seeing Christmas commercials and receiving Black Friday sales ads, its almost Thanksgiving!  YAY or Not?!

Are you the lucky owner of Thanksgiving dinner this year?  No worries!! It should be pretty easy.
If you're traditional, you can just go purchase your frozen turkey and fixings.  But if you are not there are plenty sites on the internet to use to create your menu.

I have relied on Pinterest many a times for regular meals so no doubt there will be plenty for your festivities.  Find your perfect poultry dish in a flash.  Venture out there and try some duck...or maybe just a dish using duck fat.

I can't wait to dig into to mashed potatoes, candied yams and some 5 flavor macaroni and cheese. Please don't forget your greens.  Here in the south we prefer collards with pork or turkey necks.  Or you could choose a nice cabbage dish.  I recently sauteed in some bacon bits and chopped onions in my cabbage...can you say gooood?!!

Lately I have been seeing links to Tasty.  It's hard to resist the comfort eating with sites like them!

If you're not an online recipe person, break out Grandma's or Auntee's old cookbooks.  Happy Turkey Day!

I plan on preparing some desserts this holiday season. Stay tuned for future posts!

Check out the links below to help prepare your holiday meals!

Tasty on Facebook
Pinterest Thanksgiving Recipes

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