Thursday, November 12, 2015

I hear that skin is In!

          They say that skin is in.  I declare my skin looks amazing during the Spring and really does.  Maybe a shade or so darker..but yes amazing...that melanin kicks in overtime!! But lately my skin has been more acne prone and dryer than normal.  Problem is that I don't have a regular skincare routine..even though I should as a sufferer of eczema.  I simply use Olay Body Soap, Black Soap or Neutrogena Face Wash whenever I thought to buy some.  Or every now and then I use Dream Clean from Lush Cosmetics.

My lack of attention to my skin is becoming apparent to me.  My face is taking the biggest hit.  I gotta get it together.  I had this notion that the older you get the better your skin looks..ugh maybe not so much at the moment. I'm hoping my research and a little sampling of the different products out there will put me on the right path.  Even though I love me some concealer and foundation, I don't want to feel like I need them to be comfortable when going out on a daily basis.

Every one should be able to enjoy having even an skin tone and blemish free face.  So on that note I will make sure to incorporate a facial service when I splurge on a spa day as well as face masks and mud masks at home for the time in between. The masks below are ones I picked up from Kohl's and Forever21. 

Tell me your skincare secrets in the comments or via Twitter. I would love to know what works for others!

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