Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What are you afraid of?

What has fear kept you from doing?  Achieving? Even attempting?

I personally have seen fear stop so many people from pursuing their dreams and doing what they desire.  Why is that?  We become afraid of the what ifs and are not able to realize that its the very thing that is stopping you from living life authentically.

I've seen fear in the form of relatives or friends who may try to dissuade you to take that leap of faith. They might not be doing this on purpose but it happens.  Just think..You have this grand idea.  I mean you can't stop thinking about it. It consumes you that you can't work your day job because of your dream job.  Then you go to share with someone and they dissect every aspect of your master plan.  They question your ideas and motives and you start doubting yourself.  They warn you of all the things that can go wrong.  And somethings are bound to go in the opposite way of what we think up in our heads, but instead of seeing that as a loss, it should be seen as a lesson. 

Fear can literally paralyze you because of the unknowns. You know what you want out of life.  But you won't go after it.  I see meme's and posts all over social media of people wishing their days away because they are not living with purpose.  How many actors, poets, singers, writers and business people have you heard say that getting to where they wanted to be in life was easy? I can assure you that they didn't have an exact plan in their mind, but the desire was so great that they had to go for it. 

I personally suffered and still to a degree suffer from fear.   Back when I was younger I had people taken away from me so I was afraid to leave those who I had left.  I didn't like change.  I played the hand that I was dealt.  I had the dream of going away to college, but in the back of my mind I couldn't imagine not living at home with my family.  I found out I was pregnant so I was slightly relieved that I didn't have to leave home because I decided to keep my baby and stay home and attend college locally.  You then start finding excuses to allow fear to keep you where you are.  We tell ourselves that once we finish this, we will be able to do this. And that continues on for so long.

The world is more transparent now..even though everything you see on social media is not truth.  But social media allows you a window into the outside world and you can see people literally pushing boundaries and stepping outside of their own boxes.  People are more and more seeking the life they love.  

I say all of this to say, stop letting fear run your life.  Don't quit your daydream.  

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