Monday, November 16, 2015

Feeling Spec-Tacular

It's Motivation Monday!  New goals!

          I start most Mondays out with some gospel music to get me over that hump.  As I sit here blogging I'm listening to Pandora and they are playing all the songs the choir at my church normally sings. Even though I missed fellowship..I am still getting my message!!!  This music gives me strength to get through any type of day..

To get in your zone, I recommend waking up as peacefully as possible.  Yes, its Monday and the weekend is over, but make the best of it!  Go wake your kids up for school with a smile.  Offer them encouraging words when they leave out the door for school.  Make yourself a sweet, warm cup of Joe and turn on your favorite motivational or meditation sounds to get going.

I'm handling some home maintenance, helping my family with some business..and on the hunt for some reading frames.  Some cute yet, inexpensive ones to be exact. I found my first pair...and the search continues..

They cost me less than lunch....stay tuned for the link to purchase a pair of your own!

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